Take Your Digital Strategy to New Heights with the Cloud

A man with his hand out and holographic icons layered on top of it including a cloud icon

Posted on Mar 9, 2018

Thomas Edison once said, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” And if you ever visit the museum housed in his New Jersey workshop, you will witness the seemingly infinite amount of ideas that he generated—and you appreciate exactly what he meant by “perspiration”. For Edison, the pathway to genius was paved with ideas that were built and tested using the right tools. In our digital economy, one of our preferred tools is the Cloud.

Digital transformation as a journey

Over the past 20+ years, CI&T has worked with companies such as Coca-Cola, Motorola, and Pfizer, to name a few. We’ve helped them transform their businesses in remarkable ways; and we can assure you that getting to the finish line requires iterative learning. That’s why we describe the digital transformation process as a journey rather than a destination. As we described in our e-book, this is a journey that’s “shared with your customers, all of whom expect a seamless experience. There are also myriad steps to consider — from the initial leap into the digital realm, to remaining agile and adaptive as business strategies evolve.”

Making the transformation process efficient with the Cloud

There’s also a focus on efficiency. Whenever you’re testing new ideas, it’s important to test more products both efficiently and cheaply. The net result is that by managing your resources, you’re in a better position to do more. This is also why we embrace the Cloud as an essential tool for innovating. Ultimately, it allows companies to put their innovation in the fast lane while adapting quickly and nimbly when the need arises.

Cloud as a growth enabler

To illustrate how companies are using the Cloud to enable growth, look at Snapchat, which was built on Google App Engine years ago and still lives there today. By some accounts, Snapchat has 150 million daily users, yet it still uses Google’s Cloud service. Why? The answer is quite simple. For a startup, the initial investment was reasonable. Scaling up as demand increases is also a simple undertaking. In fact, Snapchat claims that it hasn’t experienced any outages during its spectacular growth. Google also has a suite of services that complemented Snapchat’s growth strategy.

Fast, cheap and good. Pick three

Notwithstanding the meteoric rise of companies like Snapchat, most companies won’t need to accommodate 150 million users each day. But doing more with less is always a priority, especially when it comes to innovating. In IT, there’s a saying: “Fast, cheap and good. Pick Two.” But today with Cloud services from the likes of Google or Amazon, you can pick all three. When you’re testing your ideas in sandboxes—or controlled environments to safely experiment with new ideas—you can focus your energy on validating your hypothesis rather than managing your server needs.

Security advantages

There are also considerable security advantages to using Cloud services. Of course, news stories about hacking and data breaches are always disconcerting. However, the majority of servers don’t get hacked. Furthermore, companies like Google have 600 security engineers monitoring their servers 24 hours a day. And these same engineers are constantly upgrading their security systems. Is that something you can say about your servers? Probably not. The reality is that if your company has its own servers, you’re probably behind the curve already. But that can all change with the Cloud.